You gotta love British humour

Saw this the other day, thought it was worth posting

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  1. afterthetone
    afterthetone says:

    A few years back I was talking with a senior person in our company about an office reshuffle,  I tried to explain, with the aid of a cad drawing, that she couldn't fit the number of desks required into the space available. She sat on the information for a few days then sent me a hand drawn plan where she had drawn the desks smaller than they actually were and said "there you go, make it happen" Worrying, not least  because she worked for our accounts department.

  2. Chris Clarke
    Chris Clarke says:

    Some (oh what a surprise on the Web!) weirdly shitty exchanges posted in the comments box of what is just a very funny skit( < for our US cousins).. WTF is this trend to react to an inappropriate level to what is a passing, and relevent observation that the humour posted has that recognisable Britishness born out of the Python/Q8 era.. Jesus guys.. Theres plenty of great humour that can be classed as American in style.. And great it is too…!! So an observed celebration of the 'off the wall-ness' of Brit humour , really? Should start a WWW war??!! Oh, and winning both wars was a joint, allied effort.. WW1 was won in reality with relatively little American involvement physically, but could be argued that the impending threat of American involvement caused the Germans (which it did)to make a push to defeat the allied forces and take Paris before the reinforcements could arrive, but were defeated in doing so… By mainly, British troops is the reality there, and all the UK men who died in the effort should be highly regarded.. And of course Jutland reinforcing Naval control of the potential oceanic supply routes for the German armed forces was the other factor.. But WW2 was won by all involved.. And fuck, Our tiny country was more than holding it's own before the US joined ranks, but we were supplying pretty much all involved with planes, bombs, bullets, guns, vehicles, the lot! And the financial and military reinforcement was much needed and welcomed.. So, hey, we were all there…? Respect and recognition, it's not that hard..

  3. Lord Jock
    Lord Jock says:

    @19 seconds I have no idea what she said as it was drowned out by the background noise .I asked the rest of me family and the result was the same . Any one want to enlighten me ?

  4. Madelena Jeannette
    Madelena Jeannette says:

    Ugg this is English humour. The reason why so many Americans think Britain is just England is cause if stuff like this. Scottish humour is probably in my opinion the best humour in the world, this is English humour.

  5. Madelena Jeannette
    Madelena Jeannette says:

    I'm fucking fed up of people calling this "British" humour. No, this is English humour, Irish, Welsh and Scottish humour are far more different than English humour, so to call this British humour is offensive. Scotland is part of Britain yet no one calls us British, you Americans need to realise that Britain isn't just bloody fucking England.

  6. Martin Price
    Martin Price says:

    I think its disgusting. The total cost of the HS2 and all we are getting is such a small train. The journey time is impressive though. It makes Elon Musk's hyperloop look like a completely useless.


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