The British Sense of Humour

Compilation of many fun part of Trigger Happy Tv show with Dom Joly.
The show is about weird prank to see normal people reaction.

Une compilation d’humour absurde mettant en vedette Dom Joly dans l’émmision Trigger Happy tv.
Le but premier était de crée un gag complétement absurde pour voir la réaction des gens normaux.
Pour d’autre fous rires, visitez

www.poil.ca 🙂

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  1. john lewis
    john lewis says:

    this is the complete opposite to what British humour is all about. British humour at it's best is subtle. Prime example Oscar Wilde when he was being arrested. The copper put the handcuffs on him and said to the copper if this is the way queen Victoria treats her prisoners she dose not deserve to have any


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