CRITICA – IT – (ESO) 2017 “Un humor MUY enfermo”

Me pregunto si algun dia uno de estos estudios se adentrara hasta los huesos en estas historias que son obras de arte.. Y que requieren la extension de muchas mas peliculas…

Probablemente esta no sera nuestra era.. Pero sin duda cuando ese momento llegue.. La complegidad, brutalidad, y riqueza de los libros se quedaran atras dandole paso a la belleza de una adaptacion cinematografica fiel..

Algun dia ese momento llegara!

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Jeff The Killer Theme Song (Piano Version) Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Screams


From 1900BC toilet humour to Shakespeare: 10 things you didn’t know about comedy | Top 10 Facts | Life & Style

1. The great American comic Sid Caesar was also born on September 8 in 1922. 

2. US comic actor Zero Mostel broke the pattern by dying on September 8, 1977. 

3. For the ancient Greeks and Romans, the word “commedia” was applied to any stage play with a happy ending. 

4. Dante’s Divina Commedia (Divine Comedy) was completed around 1320 and told of the afterlife in Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. It wasn’t funny at all. 

5. In 1586 Sir Philip Sidney described comedy as “an imitation of the common errors of our life”. 

6. The word “comedian” was first used in English in 1580 for a writer of comedies. 

7. “Sitcom” (situation comedy) appeared in 1964. “Romcom” (romantic comedy) arrived in 1971. 

8. According to research in 2008, the world’s oldest joke was toilet humour dating back to 1900BC. 

9. In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night Olivia asks Viola “Are you a comedian?” Written in 1616, this is one of the earliest examples of “comedian” used to mean “comic actor”. 

10. “Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious,” (Peter Ustinov).


Poster Boys movie review: Silly humour and Sunny Deol’s nude protest. Laugh if you can | movie reviews

Poster Boys
Cast: Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Shreyas Talpade
Director: Shreyas Talpade
Rating: 2.5/5

Prem Chopra has a candid catchphrase in Dulhe Raja: Nanga nahayega kya, nichodega kya. This literally translates to ‘a poor guy doesn’t have the luxury of bathing and rinsing his clothes.’ Metaphorically, it means a person without clothes has nothing to hide.

When Chaudhary Jagawar (Sunny Deol) finds himself trapped inside a closed tunnel, he decides to shed his clothes as this seems to him a deadly mix of ‘sensationalism and protest’. Shedding clothes isn’t a metaphor here. He actually does so.

A remake of commercially successful Marathi film Poshter Boyz, this one is set somewhere in Haryana where three good Samaritans find themselves on posters promoting vasectomy, ‘nasbandi’ in Hindi. Apparently, it’s a big deal for the society they live in and now nobody wants to have a relationship with them or their families.

But Jagawar and two of his allies, Vinay Sharma (Bobby Deol) and Arjun Singh (Shreyas Talpade), who is also the director of the film, take on the health department to prove that their photo was published without their permission. Until they clear their names, they’ll remain the butt of jokes.

To begin with, it’s a sensible theme that arrests our attention and focuses it on the problem of population explosion and how the desire of having a son is leading us nowhere. Talpade sets a particular mood which may remind you of Rohit Shetty brand of cinema. You know dialogues like, ‘Abe isne toh meter ka connection hi katwa diya’, or, ‘Ye chemical dhamki hai, formula toh sahi se dekhna padega na.’

Consider this as well:

A: Gussa thook do.

B: Thoo.

It seems these must have worked in the original film.

Then you meet characters who laugh with a goat’s voice in the background, or A slaps B because it will make people laugh. Sorry the second one was Sajid Khan, but Sherays Talpade must have learnt something from him.

It’s all hunky-dory in the beginning. You have seen the trailer and you know sooner or later they will show the posters with the three leads on it. Talpade almost takes 30 minutes to reach there, but it’s fine till you watch gags like this:

An old trigger-happy blind woman who sleeps with a revolver under her pillow touches Sunny Deol’s face and says, “Dharmendra?’

Bobby Deol suffices, “Nahi unka beta.”

It’s ok, but I laughed more after that when Talpade looks at Bobby Deol with a quizzical expression, and his look says it had to be said. What else could you do?

That’s right. What else could you do! Maybe you could rename it Yamla Pagla Deewana 3.

Here’s another one:

A character: Aapko maine kahin dekha hai!

Sunny Paaji: Lekin main toh Kashmir ke border pe tha. Fir Punjab border pe chala gaya. Fir Rajasthan border pe chala gaya.

A character: Haan, lekin maine aapko kahin dekha hai!

Bobby Deol: Haan JP Dutta ki Border me dekha hoga.

And before everybody disperses for the next scene, a faint voice connects the dots, “JP Dutta ka apna border hai?”

I always laugh on such jokes.

But before you start judging me for being a consumer of slapstick comedy, let me tell you how these are the only instances where I laughed. Mostly because Poster Boys doesn’t get out of ‘the Deol family fan club’ zone even when the jokes run dry.

It’s occasionally funny, but never actually engrosses the audiences. You keep waiting for another joke, but they tell you the same joke five times before coming up with a new one.

One character stands out even in this chaos. Ashwini Kalsekar (Munni of Golmaal) displays superb timing as a disinterested doctor. She is definitely underrated.

It’s silly humour, but there’s no pretension. The two Deols and Talpade resort to crass comedy at times, but I am willing to give them this much leverage. I think Poster Boys can make you laugh with its stupid puns. Ah, the guilty pleasure of laughing on Sunny Deol’s pouty selfies! With 131-minute duration, Poster Boys shouldn’t be watched with a preoccupied mind.

Watch the Poster Boys trailer

Interact with Rohit Vats at Twitter/@nawabjha


Sharon Osbourne finds humour in Ozzy’s infidelities | Celebrities

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have learned to laugh about the veteran rocker’s recent infidelities to help them heal following a brief separation.

The couple’s marriage hit the rocks last year when Ozzy was revealed to have enjoyed a four-year affair with Los Angeles-based hairstylist Michelle Pugh, prompting Sharon to kick him out of their marital home.

Ozzy, 68, subsequently sought treatment for sex addiction and eventually reconciled with Sharon, and they renewed their wedding vows in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas in May, ahead of their 35th anniversary in July.

Sharon previously revealed she forgave the singer for his indiscretions because she was happier with him than without him, and she now hopes other couples can learn from their relationship ups and downs.

“It’s not (about) what women can learn from me, I think it’s what couples can learn from us,” Sharon tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight about dealing with Ozzy’s infidelity so publicly.

“My husband was brave enough to come out and say, ‘Hey, you caught me. I need help. I’m an addict with this and this is what I’m gonna do.’”

Earlier this week, Sharon, 64, told Britain’s Daily Telegraph the musician had cheated on her with a total of six different women, but they have worked through their problems by addressing the situation head-on, and now they’re able to look back and laugh about the tough time.

“We speak about it, we laugh about it! Because it helps you get through it,” she explains to Entertainment Tonight, admitting keeping her feelings bottled up would otherwise drive her crazy.

“You know, you have to find some humour in something,” she continues. “The bottom line is that I love him, he loves me…”

The TV personality, who also manages Ozzy’s career, confesses her own selfishness is part of the reason she decided to stay with the rocker, the father of her three grown-up children.

She says, “We’ve worked for so much together, we’ve achieved so much together. Our family, our friends, and I just don’t want to give that up (sic)!”

Sharon and Ozzy have plenty to celebrate as they are set to become grandparents again – their son Jack and his wife Lisa are expecting their third child, a sibling for daughters Pearl, 5, and Andy, 2.


Humor: El ‘conejo’ Arce nos visitó luego de marcar el gol del triunfo ante Chile

Test Description


Daily Humor – Episode 25

Has Haily Dumor gone too far??

Submissions :

Fluffing a Duck by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


DACA: Late-night comics strain for humor in ‘man made disaster unfolding in Washington’

The Trump administration is rescinding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Late-night comedians Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and others expressed dismay on Sept. 5. (The Washington Post)

Jimmy Kimmel said Trump must have awakened Tuesday morning and asked, “What’s something horrible I can do to distract people from the Russia investigation?”

“Someone said, ‘you know there are 800,000 innocent kids you can deport for no good reason!’” Kimmel then said.

Pundits and politicians alike spent much of the day on Tuesday unpacking President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

And then it was time for late-night comedy, though for some comics, there was nothing funny to say and they stooped to seriousness, an increasing tendency since the conflict in Charlottesville last month.

From “Late Night With Seth Meyers” to “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” hosts leaned on their refined Trump imitations to paint the picture of an administration no better at managing a natural disaster such as Hurricane Harvey than at preventing what Colbert dubbed the “man made disaster unfolding in Washington right now” — the end of DACA.

Pivoting off Trump’s appearances in storm-ravaged Texas, comedians used stories of undocumented first responders as examples of those at risk of deportation.

They mocked Trump’s punting of the announcement to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and took note of the fact that Trump’s wives also immigrated to this country.

“Ultimately Donald Trump believes if these kids want to be American, then they have to do it the right way,” Kimmel said. “By marrying Donald Trump!”

The monologue included a spoof television commercial claiming Trump’s three oldest children were hard-working “dreamers” who couldn’t help that they were born to a mother who immigrated from Eastern Europe.

“Tell Congress to protect these children of immigrants, no matter how terrible their parents are,” said a serious, albeit spooky narrator.

Colbert said the administration’s decision had Trump “in some deep DACA.” Footage of the news conference in which Sessions announced the end of the program included the attorney general saying the move “does not mean are bad people or that our nation disrespects or demeans them in any way.”

“You’re right Jeff,” Colbert quipped. “Deporting innocent children does not mean they’re bad people. It means you’re a bad person.”

On “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah was also quick to note that the young people protected by DACA had no say in being brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents.

“It’s their parents, it’s not like it was their choice,” Noah said as a photo of a young boy appeared on the screen. Assuming the voice of a young child, Noah said “No Mama, you go on without me. I’m going to stay in Honduras and uphold the law. You go on. You go on. I know what Jeff Sessions wants me to do, Mama. I’m staying here.”

Soon after, Noah recapped numerous politicians, business and tech leaders who have publicly supported DACA’s major contributions to the national economy.

“I’ll tell you this, if Amazon says you can’t return something, then you know you’re doing something wrong,” he said.

Seth Meyers suggested Trump hid behind his attorney general while simultaneously urging Congress to act through a single tweet:

“Trump ends every tweet like he’s jumping out from behind a door to scare you,” Meyers said.

But he was more serious on the subject of Trump’s repeated assurances that “dreamers” would be taken care of by his administration. In January, Trump said “dreamers” “shouldn’t be very worried … I do have a big heart. We’re going to take care of everybody.”

Near the end of his monologue, Colbert revived a fleeting but viral moment from Tuesday’s White House briefing in which press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accidentally referred to President Obama instead of President Trump while describing how DACA’s repeal would unfold. Reading a prepared statement, Sanders corrected herself by saying “Sorry, President Trump.”

“It’s ok, we’re sorry he’s president too,” Colbert said with a grin.

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Lucknow Metro breaks down on first run; Twitterati respond with unforgiving humour

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi |
Updated: September 6, 2017 2:20 pm

lucknow metro, lucknow metro breaks down, lucknow metro breaks down twitter reactions, yogi adityanath, akhilesh yadav, Lucknow Metro breakdown: A day before, there was a Twitter spat on who will take the credit for the Lucknow Metro, do we see any hands up for taking the responsibility for this as well? (Source: ANI/Twitter)

On Wednesday morning, 100-odd passengers of the first commercial Lucknow Metro ride were probably all set to take selfies and post them happily on various social media sites. In all that excitement, what they most definitely didn’t expect was that they would have the opportunity to exit the metro amid much drama and through a gate that few – thankfully – get to pass through. Right at the front — from the driver’s cabin!

The Metro came to a sudden halt during its first commercial run due to a technical snag that resulted in the passengers being stuck inside the train without light or air-conditioning for over an hour. They were later made to exit through the emergency door. The incident happened a day after Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath jointly flagged off the commercial run of the Lucknow Metro, and the current CM engaged in a Twitter spat of sorts, trying to take credit for the “successful” completion of the first phase of the Metro rail project.

Following the update on the technical snag, news agency ANI tweeted out a couple of photos of the passengers being evacuated, along with the tweet: “Lucknow Metro Rail service temporarily stopped near Alambagh station due to technical glitches, on its first public run.”


This tweet let out a deluge of reactions from tweeple, who didn’t waste time taking digs at the government as well as the state of affairs in the country. Here are some of the witty reactions:



When you invoke Kabir to convey your sentiments.


Who takes the credit now?


A press release on the incident from the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation stated: “Around 7.15 am, the metro train that was on its way from Charbagh to Transport Nagar developed a technical snag. The Emergency Brakes (EB) were applied in the train when the train was travelling between Durgapuri and Mawaiya Metro stations.”

The release went on to add that all the 101 passengers were evacuated from the emergency exit door of the train and taken to Durgapuri Metro station and then to the Transport Nagar Metro station from where they exited.


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Canal Dedicado a El Humor Su Intención Es Hacer Que Te Diviertas Videos Todos Los

Días Apoyanos Para Ser Una Comunidad Más Grande & Así Traerte La Mayor Calidad Del Mejor Contenido Que Te Guste.
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Red Neck Reality – Humor by Bill Frazer – The LaFayette Sun

In my earlier attempts to be a columnist for the local newspapers, I called myself a RED NECK WRITER, making an attempt to mimic Lewis Grizzard. When it became obvious that my efforts were a total failure as only family members and shut-ins were reading the ramblings, my 4 daughters told me enough was enough and that I needed to write columns that were worth perusing (whatever that means).

This week I ran across a book entitled Red Ain’t Dead, which is a summary of comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s descriptions of Red Necks. I could not resist reviewing some of the 150 hilarious depictions of Red Necks by Jeff.

In reality, the part of our society labeled as Red Necks were named after hard working farmers and their field help. There was no sitting in the shade as the job in the cotton fields required 12 hour days of hard labor. Hence, a lot of them, even with broad brim hats, had red sun burned skin on the back of their necks. Even if you were the actual farm owner, your livelihood depended mostly on the bales of cotton harvested in early fall. If you had a crop failure due to the boll weevil or extended drought, the farmers and laborers had no income and had to survive impoverished conditions.

In my opinion, these people are to be admired. They had no subsidies and had to resort to whatever means available to survive. Hence Red Neck styles developed out of necessity–using the same bath water, using Sears & Roebuck catalog for toilet paper, using slop jars as there was no indoor toilet and using fertilizer sacks for clothes. It was true for both white and black families except I guess you can’t label the black people as Red Necks. As I sit here and think about the sufferings these people went through, I get a little teary eyed.

What is somewhat hypocritical about the Red Neck thing with Jeff is that he has limited exposure to any of these people. Jeff was born and raised in Atlanta and went to public schools there. He enrolled in Georgia Tech but dropped out to pursue a career as a comedian. He is quite successful as his reported net income in 2017 is 103 million dollars. His show on TV (Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?) attracted a large number of viewers throughout the country.

But these days it seems that the history of these hard working folks has faded but their styles have become fodder for humor. And even knowing the background, I can’t help but laugh at some of his depictions for I definitely experienced many of them in my early years. For example–
You might be a Red Neck if:

1. Your car wakes up people as you drive the neighborhood – One of the older brats in our neighborhood has a car that sounds like it is racing in the Daytona 500.

2. You honk your horn when pulling out of the drive way to keep from killing chickens – My grandpa did that.

3. You have a tire swing at your house – As of now, Jason Robinson has several in his front yard.

4. Your new sofa was on a curb in another part of town yesterday – Please do not tell my wife where I found it.

5. You offer to give the shirt of your back to some needy person and they do not want it – Umm, you are going to sweat if you push a lawn mower in July, but all you have to do is wash it.

6. If your belt buckle is bigger than your rear view mirror — I have been trying tell James Walter Allen about that ugly red tide belt buckle.

7. There are antlers nailed to the outside of your house – Rabbit Adams has them nailed to his house but they are located out of sight on his back porch.

8. You came back from the dump with more than you took – We Penny Pinchers do that all the time. If you do not believe it, ask Bobby Jennings.

9. Taking your wife on a cruise means circling the Dairy Queen – Jim Lindsey and I do that all the time with our spouses.

10. Today’s lunch was too late crossing the highway yesterday – If it is venison, it seems like a good idea. Take the animal down to the butcher shop and have him prepare it for your freezer.

11. You walk into the restaurant with a tooth pick in your mouth. That is sensible as fast food places do not furnish tooth picks.

Admittedly, most of today’s Red Necks chose this lifestyle. But in earlier years it was a matter of survival. I would not like to see rural small farms having to survive such conditions again. Many of the small farmers lost their farms to creditors who financed their seed and fertilizer.