Hurricane Irma: Social media users try to find brings humor in storm

Miami-Dade County broke records Saturday, housing more residents in hurricane shelters than at any time in its storm-ravaged history.

About 29,000 people desperately scurried to 42 shelters, heeding the advice of state and local officials — the monster storm was coming and Miami would be at its center. Run while you can.

That changed quickly.

Irma abruptly shifted west Friday night and as weather conditions improved in Miami-Dade, some took to social media to bring humor to a topic that has had so many people stressed out.

Steve Shapiro, sports anchor for WSVN is one of them.

“What the hell is a sports guy doing out in this hurricane? … Get your weather people out here,” he said.

One Twitter user compared Irma to a tissue you blow your nose with.

This guy in Hialeah, well, just watch it for yourself.

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