English sense of humour at Buckingham

Head guard jokes with spectators

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  1. Ky
    Ky says:

    It's a 7 year old video, (Posting my comment in 2014), but what the heck! I'll give the transcription a shot!
    What I heard was:
    "Who dropped that 5 pence down there, love?"
    "That must be yours."
    "I can't bend; I got a bad back."

    Which could still make sense, since in the UK the term "love", or rather phonetically "luv", is sometimes used when friendly addressing someone. Even to strangers.

  2. jim smith
    jim smith says:

    great sense of engrish humour.  It made me laugh a lot.  He couldn't pick up the coin because he has a bad back.  This is pure british humour.  Now, i can finally be real.  This was fucking shit bastard fucking hell fucking hell fucking hell fuck fuck cunt cunt bastard shit bloody knickers.  dirty pants, girls dirty pants. 

  3. Dannys99887
    Dannys99887 says:

    I've listened to this at least ten times and have no idea what was said. Is the so-called "humour" related to the fact that the English can't talk in a way that is possible to understand?

  4. ArunPlaysPiano
    ArunPlaysPiano says:

    "Who dropped that five pence down there look"
    "That must be yours (referring to guard)"
    Now here comes the killer – we've all been waiting for this – a killer statement, a pure undeniable representation of the most iconic British humour you will probably ever witness both here on Youtube and in real life. A rarity. A real gem. And here, ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you, the sarcastic retort:
    "I can't bend I've got a bad back" – A bad back, a, a bad back, oh my, a bad, ha, a, a, a bad back, a BAD BACK OHHH HA… HAHA…. AHAHAHA… AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA… he, he can't bend, can't bend believe that? Oh my, he can't bend, cos he's got, he's got a bad back HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    This, together with the air of indifference emanated by this guard, and his expression of total inability to do anything about said 5-pence coin (due to said bad back), is just a recipe for the most uncontrollable muscle reflexes occuring in the levator labii superioris, risorius, mentalis, depressor anguli oris, orbicularis oris, buccinator, depressor labii inferioris, abdominal muscles and diaphragm. This, my fellow comrades, is pure unadulterated British humour, and I stand metaphorically by this wonderfully accurate video, indeed, wearing my metaphorical bearskin, and I smile with the inevitable sense of total euphoria and orgasm accompanying the real-life events depicted in this slice of ironic anachronism. You just can't make this stuff up, folks, you just can't. Irreplaceable, unreplicatable, absolutely… I'm sure you can finish the sentence.

  5. Whoami691
    Whoami691 says:

    To clarify, yes, he said he has a bad back because the Royal Guards cannot bend over while on duty without cause. They must not let their attention waver. So the guard is making his excuse to make it SEEM like he 'can't' bend over, after the camerawoman tried to get him to pick the money off the ground.

    There, now everyone complaining can shut up.

    British humour – A humour so sophisticated the rest of the world can't tell it is humour, as is clearly evident.

    Would you like me to make a fart sounds instead?

  6. Tungsten Kid
    Tungsten Kid says:

    Here's another true bit of Brit humour I read about- A young officer manning an observation post in Italy in WW2 entered in the log book-
    "14:53 hrs: Spotted enemy motorcycle dispatch rider.
    ACTION: called in 3 rounds of 81mm mortar fire on him but missed.
    RESULT: Rider accelerated.


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