In What Ways Is Public Speaking Likely To Make A Difference In Your Life?

Believe it or not, but there are many ways public speaking is likely to make a difference in your life. It improves our personal growth, how we communicate with others, the level of our career, how we present ourselves, and many more reasons. By learning how to effectively speak in public, you’ll be able to increase your own self-confidence, which can help to make you more comfortable around other people. This ability speaking ability is also a career booster. Learning how to communicate effectively will lead to more confidence and a more approachable personality.

Public speaking can make a big difference to everyone’s life in any society. Our lives consist of much social interaction and speaking skills can assist in greater effectiveness in communication with others. This can effectively improve your relationships and your career. It is vital to be able to communicate with others. Public speaking will change your personality into a more communicative person, would improve your life by gaining more opportunity for your career. Speaking skills can definitely give you the upper hand in any kind of work. Your career can be determined greatly by how well you speak, by how well you write, and by the quality of your ideas.

Since the first step of communication is conveyed through speech, the impression you give to your listener tells them what type of a person you are. By sharing information with others, you’re better able to increase the impact of your hopes, dreams, desires and goals for your life and the world around you.

Try not to make the mistake of thinking that public speaking isn’t important. By learning how to effectively speak in public, you’ll be able to increase your own self-confidence. It can help to make you more comfortable around other people, and will help perfect your everyday verbal and non-verbal communication skills. It’s important because at some point in life, just about everyone will be required to involve themselves in one type of public speaking or another.

The ability to dive into public speaking and related communication skills are a big plus among prospective employers, and are also a great way to help get that promotion you’ve been awaiting for such a long time. Being effective at it will allow you to make a big difference in your business, and community. It is often a powerful way to make a good impression on others and to help aid in in understanding, cooperation and set goals and objectives. The skills you’ll learn by learning speaking can boost your performance at your home, office, or in life in general. Students that learn to master speaking early can definitely help them to perform better in college, as well as offer them greater opportunities to be accepted into their top choice schools.

Public speaking is by nature important because it’s a primary and powerful avenue to give of your self and to share with others in a profitable way. And these are hardly all of the reasons that it is important.

Source by Chris A Williams

Living Humor – Squeezing the Juice From Life

Facts, oddities, incidental details: these are only some of the few things I examine in the following twenty features I have come up with concern life and all its intricacies. Some will make you laugh, others will make you scratch your chin, but whatever your behavior, each and every one of these twenty or so questions.

1) Why does the glue in a tube not stick to the tube itself?

2) Sanity statistics has proven that one out of four people are insane or suffer from some form of mental disease. Think of three of your best friends. If they are fine, then you must be the fourth one.

3) Sometimes, off and on, the batteries that we have placed in our remote control start to weaken. Even though we are well aware of this, why do we press the buttons harder and harder?

4) Watched old (and even newer descriptions in film) about Tarzan. If he is supposed to be living in the wild, what happened to his beard?

5) How is it that no matter how tight you close the shutters of light bulbs, flies or other insects manage to get inside?

6) Still use plastic bags instead of the more nature-friendly paper ones? Ok. Then, pray tell, why can not I ever manage to open one on my 1st attempt?

7) Why do they use sterilized needles when injecting a convict on death role?

8) Why does a bank take interest on money when your account is overdrawn. From where do they think you are going to pay them? If you had the cash you would have used it, would not you?

9) Why does not anyone ever make fun of their father-in-law?

10) Why do people believe it when scientists say that there are about four billion stars, but feel that someone has to sign it.

11) How many times will we return to the fridge even though there is no food in it and we know that from the previous time we paid a visit just minutes ago?

12) Notice how bullets bounce off superman's chests, but the moment the villain throws the empty revolver, this same invincible superman ducks. Should not the revolver bounce off his chest too?

13) I'm sure you've heard of the evolutionary claim that mankind has evolved from monkeys. Before I am to believe this, I want to know that if this is so why are monkeys still roaming earth?

14) Note this. The next time an object is about to fall off someplace, if you try and prevent this, you will knock off another object instead. Is this some upper power trying to uplift karmic balance?

15) Heard of the Jap airplane pilots who towards the end of the Second World War crashed their planes into American naval ships? Why did these guys even think of wearing a helmet?

16) The next you vacuum your living room floor, explain what happens when you try to vacuum a tiny thread. The vacuum will not be able to suck it. Why then will you pick it up, examine it thoroughly and instead of placing it in the dustbin, throw it back down and try to vacuum it up again?

17) How come soap bubbles are always white no matter what the color of the soap?

18) Are not we unnecessarily mental by trying to create summer in our house during winter, and vice versa, when we try and create winter during summer?

19) Is there any day when mattresses are not on sale?

20) When we go to the supermarket and someone hits our ankles with their cart and then apologize, why do we reply that everything is fine? Why do not we just reply, "that hurts, asshole"?

Uncanny facts and features are not novel. The fact that we humans have strange habits is not new too. But, I have pointed out some of the few irregularities that we live with. This article is for entertainment purposes alone and does not try and offend or create new realities. So, take it in the appropriate manner too.

Source by Jack Reider

Pennywise Band Members Still Rolling Strong

Clever Stephen King fans may well recognize that the clown in the novel, "It" is where the band members of Pennywise found their name. They formed the punk rock band back in 1988 and the name fit well and had a dark and sinister undertone at the same time. Somehow, this looks very apropos especially when considering the wild nature and offbeat humor exhibited by this group of performers.

In 1991, they released a debut album that was named for the group, and they released one album biannually after that until 2005. All of these releases were with Epitaph Records. With "Reason to Believe", their album that came out in 2007 the group has a total of 9 studio recorded albums, one album that was recorded live, a DVD release and 2 Extended Play selections to their credit. Much to the delight of their fans the 2008 album was sent out free online thanks to a collaborative arrangement with Textango and MySpace. Fans could still purchase the album in Europe or the US.

The present band members have been in place for almost 13 years and they include:

Jim Lindberg (vocals)
Fletcher Dragge (guitars)
Randy Bradbury (bass)
Byron McMackin (drums)

Except for Bradbury, this was also the original lineup from 1988. In 1996, the bassist for the group, Jason Thirsk, committed suicide and this was when Ray Bradbury was brought in to take over on bass guitar.

The four young band members had all played in different bands found around Hermosa Beach in California. Once they found each other, they realized that they had the ability to excel at creating great music with a unique flavor and style. In just two years, they went from mere performers to a signed recording act and a year later, they were releasing "Pennywise" which was the album that gained them good visibility among members of the punk community across the nation. The songs had lyrics that encaged positive attitudes and progressive ideas for members of Generation X.

Their main vocalist, Lindberg, left the group for a short time after that debut album but he was back with the gang in 1992. This was just in time to record their second studio album, "Unknown Road" which would be released in 1993. This second release would make the group a strong reputation in the world of punk music. In 1995, some punk style bands were going mainstream but Pennywise preferred to stay away from the lure of the major labels. There was really no need for them to move away from Epitaph because their Pennywise merchandise and music were all selling well. To prove the point the group made another album, "About Time" in 1995 and it became another success for them.

In 1996, Thirsk was trying to overcome his alcoholism, but he ended up taking his own life. When bassist, Bradbury joined the band the group recorded "Full Circle" in 1997 and "Straight Ahead" in 1999. Their live album in 2000 was entitled, "Live at the Key Club", then "Land of the Free?" followed in 2001, and "From the Ashes" was released in 2003. The DVD created by Pennywise was called "Home Movies" and was thought out in 2004, although it had first been released in 1995. There is a Steve Martin film called " 45 Revolutions "which features a little of the group. In 2005, the band created an 8th album with the title, "The Fuse". It was released first to the European market and then to the US.

Fans can prepare to see Pennywise onstage when they perform at the spring Jagermeister Music Tour. They will be performing along with Pepper, a reggae rock group. This will be the perfect time for diehard fans to cheer in person once more for this independent minded group of musicians.

Source by Missy Ray

Homely People Make You Look Good

Having a homely spouse or companion at you side can open up a world of opportunity for you. There is no better way to appear attractive than to be seen in the company of a person that is unpleasant to the eye. In comparison you will shine out like the moon in a dark sky. Your whole world will be changed, when you see how well people treat you. Afterwards where ever you go, you will make sure that your homely person is close by. Because this trick has worked well for many other people who understand the magic of appearance, you also will have become a master of illusion.

Hollywood has often used the tricks of illusion to make their stars appear to be more attractive. A leading star usually has a companion who is either old or is just plain homely. In all his movies Elvis was surrounded with plain looking pals, it helped draw attention to the "king", and it worked perfectly. The: "I love Lucy show" had an older couple "Fred and Ethel" they were placed in the show to highlight the main stars of the show: "Desi and Lucy". This balance of attractive and unattractive is a great trick, and if it worked in Hollywood it will work for you.

The greatest sales teams have used a homely partner to draw attention to the star of the show. This method is often used by smart sales people who want to have the advantage of illusion in order to get a sale. The target of the sales presentation is repulsed by the unsightly half of the team and becomes magnetized by the looks and silvery words of the pleasant to the eye partner, the homelier the partner, the more dynamic the speaker. One large insurance company, that has their sales reps make house calls, has hired thousands of homely men to accompany their agents. The rate of sales has doubled since they have applied this illusion. The new profits have easily made up for the cost of the new hirings

Having a homely companion can also be useful in your social life, and it can produce fantastic results. If you are single and you want to go to a social event, make sure you bring your homely friend with you. People will be drawn toward you, and it is a sure bet that you will have a great time. If you are married to a homely spouse you will also create the illusion of being super attractive, since you are not available you might not want all the flirts you will be getting, but if you like the extra attention, be glad you married a homely person.

It may not be ethical using homely people to make yourself look more attractive, homely people have enough problems. But if being attractive is more important than being ethical, that is your choice —– enjoy the advantage.

Source by Melvin Polatnick

5 Powerful Tips to Consider Before You Start a Catholic Business

There are about 1.2 billion Catholics in the world. With that many people with something in common, there is a great opportunity not only to build a great business but one that is socially good virtuous.

Now, in reality, a Catholic business shouldn’t be any different from any other business aside from its goals. When devout Catholics want to start a business, you’ll often see them create a book store. That’s great, but often these small shops get dominated by larger online chains.

Here are some tips for starting a business that carries with it the conviction that comes with faith:

  1. The most important thing to realize that everybody needs a solution to something, and if you can fulfill that need you are making their life better. Your business does not have to be overtly Catholic (i.e. a Catholic book store, or a Catholic bakery), rather your mission statement and the soul of your business should be geared toward holiness. That way, you could start a web development, show shine, or online fishing store and still carry with it the impact of your faith.
  2. You need to learn effective selling and marketing skills. I can’t tell you how many Catholic businesses I’ve seen that have horrible promotional campaigns, terrible websites, and still wonder why they can’t get any customers. Just because your business is faith-based it doesn’t mean that you can ignore the fundamentals.
  3. Engage in social media. There are a lot of folks out there that are willing to spread the word of your business, especially if you’ve engaged them on a consistent basis. Do not ignore the revolution that is taking place, and take a course on social networking if you have to.
  4. Find a mentor – even if they are not Catholic. You need someone to bounce ideas off of and to ensure that your ideas are realistic and doable. A mentor will act as a guide and will make sure that you are successful.
  5. Join a mastermind group and share ideas. The best way to learn something new is to learn it from someone else. There are meetup groups all over the place and for almost every industry, and you need to take advantage of them. One additional benefit is that you’ll be networking with other people who may become future clients.

The point of this article is that you need to do everything that a secular business person needs to do. Just like being religious won’t help you to be a better soccer player, if you intend to join the game of business you need to learn the rules of business. So get out there, and start learning.

Source by Dean Soto

Sweet Pick Up Lines to Use and How to Avoid Bad Ones

As you see the other person from a far, you will surely stop for a while and think of words that will catch her attention so that you have enough reason to go near her and talk to her for a while. Using some sweet pick up lines, you will be able to catch someone else’s attention and it will also be an advantage on your part too. Becoming close to the person you are eyeing for is not so hard with the use of openers available today. Do you know that there are sweet lines that will make the girl smile but you need to choose the right one that doesn’t sound sarcastic too. Here are some helpful tips you can use:

1. You don’t have to use sexual oriented openers when you aim to be sweet. Sweet openers can be use nowadays to break the ice and to catch attention too. Don’t mix it up with other types of lines that sound sarcastic and embarrassing if you want to become wholesome.

2. Don’t use any of woman’s body parts if you would like to sound sweet. There are other things to site and it is not just right for you to use body parts because it is not proper to hear as well.

3. Using pick up lines don’t have to degrade you, there are ways to show up your intelligence even if you are still using them so you it’s up to you how you to will deliver those openers that will still make you sweet and not sarcastic.

4. Allowing the person to not think that you are just merely stuck on your own self is shouldn’t be the case. If you have met someone whom you really want to be with, you need to make her know more about you without sounding arrogant. The problem of how to do that is not the case anymore today because there are lines that can also be helpful to you.

Women are very much particular with men who are confident about themselves and those who contain humor. There are times when you just need to work in boosting your self confidence to deliver the lines efficiently. There are lots of times today when you need to make sure you know exactly what line you will be delivering so there will be no problems along the way. It is vital for you to know that there are lots of resources that are on the web today so if you are interested, you can easily make a thorough research to be able to find the best one for your needs.

Source by John Austin Lee

The Passive and Supportive Stepford Wife

Some of us ladies have a horror of becoming something of a Stepford Wife; that squeaky clean, air-headed, submissive little house person who does not have a thought of her own beyond an imaginative dinner menu to please her lord and master.

There are women who buy into this garbage, especially the wives of busy senior corporate executives which wifely duties entail standing by good old George or Fred or whatever his name is at every major company function, the epitome of wifely splendor in every respect – coiffed, perfumed and beautifully dressed to the envy of every other lady present. Such women produce perfect buffets at twenty minutes notice for ninety without turning a hair. Personally if my husband suggested we might entertain a dozen executives for dinner at three days notice I would check myself into an asylum and hide there until the pension matured.

Contrary to mine and just about every other intelligent woman's opinion, are these ladies really leading satisfied and fulfilled existences? Can virtual enslavement really be that much fun? Most of them would lead us to think that it is, but women caught up in the corporate merry go round of competitive high achievement are brain trained to support such statements regardless of their actual feelings.

Who began this nonsense anyway? Who decided it was unacceptable to wear the same outfit to two functions consecutively? Who made it a rule that sophistication had to go hand in hand with a complete loss of humor? Why do these elegant ladies never smile / stumble / fart? Must all resemblance to the human race as a species be removed before one is considered to be special enough to entertain at boardroom level?

There are, it is believed, certain compensations for having to appear at every company social function behaving as if one's brain has been picked – most of them monetary or, appropriately enough – plastic.

To all you junior executive wives with an ambition to push Herbert up the corporate ladder as fast as possible – get a life, girls, there are more important things to worry about than whether the table is properly dressed or should Mavis be wearing more expensive shoes than the wife of who ever happens to be the head peaceut this week.

Source by Jan Gamm

The Playboy Bunny Costume – A Long History

The costume worn by a Playboy Bunny is one of the most recognized adult costumes in the world. Ever since it was introduced back in the 60’s, it has been among the most popular Halloween costume choices for women. The outfit has come to be a symbol of the most beautiful women the world over, and it all started with a man who made the Bunny a household name: Hugh Hefner.

In 1953, Hefner published the first issue of his magazine, Playboy. On the cover was Hollywood superstar and classic blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. With a combination of interesting and readable articles, humor, and of course photographs of beautiful women in the nude, Playboy magazine was aimed at the male audience. It quickly became a success, and Hugh Hefner gained power and prestige in the arena of erotic entertainment.

The first of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy clubs opened in Chicago, IL in 1960. Waitresses who worked in the club were given a uniform to wear designed based on the Playboy logo – a bunny in formal wear. Dressed up as sexy bunnies in their revealing uniforms, the female staff of the Playboy clubs came to be known as Playboy Bunnies. With the expansion of the Playboy Clubs on a national and then international level, the Playboy Bunny was soon a recognizable symbol of Hefner’s empire. Of the many women who worked as Playboy Bunnies, some went on to be featured in the magazine as well.

A satin merry widow is the basis of the Playboy Bunny costume. With a bunny tail, tuxedo wrist cuffs and a bow tie collar and of course the bunny ears, the costume is complete. The tuxedo look is made more feminine with black stockings and high heels, taking some of the look of the Playboy mascot and making it a lot sexier.

The Playboy Club in Las Vegas is the only remaining place where you can have your drinks served to you by a real Playboy Bunny. But you can find a Playboy Bunny costume relatively easily if you want to bring the look home, and it is a very popular costume for women come Halloween. The sexy look and seductive image of the Playboy Bunny costume makes it a perfect choice whether you just want something to wear at home for that special someone, or to wear out at Halloween.

It is unlikely that the Playboy Bunny costume will ever go out of style for women at Halloween. It comes in multiple color options, although the most popular are usually black or pink. No matter what color combination you choose to wear, this is a costume that will always make you feel sexy and attractive when you head out for your Halloween celebration.

Source by San Kim Nguyen

A Humorous Look At The Benefits Of Breastfeeding

More than a few heated discussions have broken out between mothers who breastfeed and those who have chosen the bottle over the breast. While there are documented physical and emotional benefits of breastfeeding, bottle feeding mothers contend that the benefits of breastfeeding can be reproduced during bottle feeding sessions and breastfeeding is not worth the inconveniences and discomfort.

A mother's personal choice absolutely decides whether her child will be bottle or breast fed. Rather than excuse the facts, let's take a humorous look at some of the benefits of breastfeeding your baby.

One great perk of breastfeeding is that you get to wear sexy, easy access, nursing clothes. Most nursing clothes are designed to allow your infant easy access to the breast.

This feature is a great convenience, but it also can lead to inadvertent breast flashes in public if your nursing clothes are not properly secured after feeding your infant. If you find people following you around while out in public, check your shirt.

You get to join the stylish trend of baby wearing. Breast fed infusions often require more frequently than bottle fed infusions. This can lead to the feeling that your child is always attached to your breast.

Baby wearing can be seen inalls, grocery stores and parks across the nation. Baby slings, swaths and holsters are sold that encourage a nursing mother to flaunt her baby wearing style. Some even offer anytime access to the breast- a very nice perk for the infant.

Another wonderful benefit of breastfeeding is the delightful experience of public breastfeeding feeding. Curious onlookers and the not-so-subtle glances of those hoping to catch a glimpse of an exposed breast add to the excitement and tension of trying to nurse your hungry infant in public.

Many women cringe at the thought of public breastfeeding feeding, choosing instead to nurse their infants in bathroom stalls and the back seats of cars. Public breastfeeding for some is an invitation to be free and let it all hang out. Heaven help the poor soul who makes a snide comment or stares too long at this hormonal, sleep deprived mother.

This brings us to the classic sore nipples. There is just no other experience that compares to allowing a hungry infant to chomp, suck, chew and grab a breast that is plagued by bruised, cracked and sore nipples. No amount of prenatal education or coaching by the La Leche League can prepare you properly for sore nipples- it must be experienced to be appreciated.

Viewing the unappealing aspects of breastfeeding with a little humor can help breastfeeding mothers cope. Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience and has documented health benefits for both mother and baby.

The potential pain and humiliation of breastfeeding an infant are endured with a smile by those women who choose to breastfeed their baby for the wonderful physical and emotional benefits of breastfeeding.

Source by Mike Ramidden

Tips For Breastfeeding In Public

Breastfeeding in public can be a nightmare for a modest nursing mother. Some women dread the thought of breastfeeding in public so much that they may consider formula feeding their infant to avoid the situation. With a little preparation and practice, breastfeeding in public can be done discreetly. Here are a few tips to help you keep your sanity while breastfeeding your baby.

Nursing clothes with ties or fold over flaps can cause unexpected breast exposures while performing the most mundane of tasks like retrieving a dropped pacifier from the floor or struggling with a jammed shopping cart.

Purchasing nursing clothes with snaps, buttons or hooks will help ensure that your chest remains under wraps when out in public. Nursing clothes are a great convenience for a nursing mother and child but they can also lead to disaster if not fastened securely.

Keeping your breastfeeding feeding supplies stocked and ready to go at all times is great way to help discreetly nurse your child in public. Being caught in public with a hungry baby and no cover blanket can lead to disaster for the modest mother.

Keeping extra breast feeding supplies in the trunk of your car in an extra diaper bag will ensure that you are never covered without the items necessary to nurse discreetly. Packing extra breast feeding supplies like an additional blanket, burp cloths and breast milk pads in advance can save you from an embarrassing evening when last minute trips arise and you have little time to prepare.

Breast feeding women can choose to feed their babies in public bathrooms to limit their company to women only. Some breastfeeding feeding women choose to nurse in the backseat of the car in a secluded area of ​​a parking lot to provide more privacy.

Another option for breastfeeding feeding women is to pump breast milk into a bottle prior to any planned outings. While this option is not helpful for those sudden trips to the store or when a telephone call summons you away from home during a breastfeeding feeding session, it can help you avoid many public breastfeeding encounters.

Breast feeding mothers often grow accustomed to the glances of strains and an occasional snide comment while nursing in public. Some breastfeeding feeding mothers do not seem to be affected by the reaction of the public while she feeds her infant.

Other breastfeeding feeding mothers learn to be quick and discreet to avoid drawing attention while breastfeeding in public, never drawing a stray glance or awkward stare.

While your baby does not notice who's present while he or she is breastfeeding in public or at home, you may be crippled by fear at the thought of exposing your breasts in the company of strangers.

Breastfeeding in public does not have to have to be traumatic. With some practice and advanced planning, breastfeeding in public can be done discreetly.

Source by Mike Ramidden