Australian Sense of Humour

Stand up comedy..

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  1. Makroskizhar Demios
    Makroskizhar Demios says:

    Adam Hills is hilarious, but how can he not understand our sense of Humour?

    The Australian sense of humour is very similar to the British sense.

    It's the American sense of humour that one can be completely confudled by sometimes!

    PRODIGAL SUN says:

    i was thinking hang on, that's rhod ghilbert then i was thinking hang on he's welsh… then i hit play

    btw he does this joke everywhere he goes and changes the name to suit the location… have seen so many versions of this bit, i even seem to remember him saying he has denounced it and no longer performs it

  3. Fuquemee Harder
    Fuquemee Harder says:

    I had the news playing in the background while I watched this. Half way through I turned this shit down so I could listen to the story of some poor faceless bitch who had had a minor road accident on some obscure road in Sydney. I don't really give a shit if some Sydney bitch lives or dies, but it was less annoying than this. Nobody will ever work out the Australian psyche.

  4. wazza544
    wazza544 says:

    Australian sense of humour???? As he says himself…He – is – from – WALES, in the UK.
    therefore…….a British Sense of humour surely. Yes he visited Australia.


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